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Magnolia Market: Silobration Recap

To Silobrate, or not to Silobrate? That is the question.

I had the amazing opportunity recently to visit Magnolia Market for their 5th annual Silobration, and let me tell you, we had an absolute blast on our mom's weekend away. My DMs on Instagram were flooded with questions about whether or not I would recommend going during the festival weekend, so I thought I’d answer by asking three questions of my own.

1. Would you rather enjoy the grounds and stores at a slow and steady pace with little chance of seeing Chip & Jo, or embrace the chaos with a guarantee that you’ll get to see them?

There were So. Many. People. A Disneyworld-esque line led into each store, which led to a quick shuffle through the store, which led to another long line to buy your product before being ushered quickly outside the building. I truly did not get to spend as much time in any of the stores (Magnolia Market, The Silos Baking Co, Magnolia Press, Magnolia Table) as I would have liked to, which was a total bummer.

However, that disappointment was totally swept away when I got to stand about 30 feet from Chip & Jo at the Johnny Swim concert and hear their adorable banter back and forth as well as some major updates coming with the Magnolia network. Worth it!

Pro tip: We actually arrived on Thursday and went into Magnolia Market first thing. I’m SO glad we did that, because Friday or Saturday we would have had to have waited about an hour just to get inside.

2. Do you enjoy vendors/pop-up shops?

Some of my favorite brands and small businesses on Instagram were there (looking at you, @madebymary and @ivycityco) and it was so much fun getting to meet the owners and buy more of their gorgeous products. This was a total WIN in my book!

3. Have you been before/do you plan to go again?

Up until the aforementioned concert, I said that if you’re not local and are making a special trip for the Magnolia experience, I wouldn’t go on a festival weekend so that you can experience the stores at a more leisurely pace. However, your answers to the above may change your perspective on this just like it did mine!

Overall, despite the crowds at Magnolia, I was blown away by how well run the entire event was. Every line kept moving, there was a smiling staff member at every turn guiding visitors in the right direction, and the security checkpoints going in and out kept us feeling safe the entire time. I’m convinced we went the perfect weekend and I would totally recommend going during a Silobration (or Christmas or Spring at the Silos) weekend!

Up next on the blog: where to stay, and all my must-see shops and restaurants in Waco, Texas!

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